Elligibility to EMJMD Scholarships

What are the lists of Programme and Partner countries?

The list of countries is provided on the European Agency website:

Identification & Visa

I do not have a passport, may I use another ID number in my application form?

Yes you can use that during the application process.


English Proficiency

I will receive my TOEFL or IETLS certificate only after the deadline of application, what should I do?

Please upload a text document in the optional documents section explaining the reason for which the English score is missing in your application. If you are selected, this score will be requested after the deadline of application.


Register and login on application platform

I have not received any email to activate my account. What should I do?

First of all, register to the application platform using an email address that do not use any filtering system (such as boxbe, …). Indeed, most of the emails will be automatically sent to you by our application, and if your messaging system rejects these emails, we have no way to send them again.

Check also in the spambox using the webmail and/or an email client.

As a last resort, renew your password at

Upload of requested documents

Can a student who will graduate in June of the coming year, apply?

Yes, of course! We know that most students who apply are currently enrolled for their last year or session of a BSc or BEng Programme (or equivalent). In this case the diploma will be requested after selection.

Recommendations Letters

The referents I specified did not receive any invitation email.

Main instructions are given in the application platform, in the “References” section (top of the page). You are expected to provide the names, status and contact information of (at most) two referents. They will automatically receive an invitation to provide a online recommendation.

Your referents should receive the recommendation request by email as soon as you have filled and closed the “References” form page. If they do not receive the email, it can be due to:

  • you have given a wrong email address for your referent.
  • the email has been filtered by your referent’s email system. Tell your referent to check their email spam boxes.
  • the email has been rejected by your referent’s email system (it can be due to a greylisting system, to the use of email protections such as boxbe, …).