WAVES Consortium Committee (WCC)

It is composed of:
  • the project leader: Bruno Lombard (AMU) is a CNRS Senior Scientist, deputy Director of the Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics);
  • the project co-leader: Fabrice Silva (AMU) is a CNRS Researcher;
  • the UC local coordinator: Paulo Amado Mendes (UC) is an Assistant Professor;
  • the UPV local coordinator: Javier Redondo (UPV) is a Senior Lecturer;
  • the AMU local coordinator: Sergey Gavrilyuk (AMU) is a Full Professor;
  • the ECM local coordinator: Cédric Maury (ECM) is a Full Professor It is assisted by the Management Officer.

Pedagogical Committee (PC)

It is in charge of student recruitment, implementation of teaching techniques, course scheduling, evaluation methods, and validation of the Master Thesis subjects. It is composed of 2 members of each Full Partner.

Communication Committee (CC)

It is in charge of the promotion of the program, dissemination of the teaching materials. Each Full Partner is represented in the Communication Committee, which also includes:
  • Fabrice Silva, head of the CC;
  • Elena Rosu, in charge of the promotion on social networks;
  • Pierre Olivier Mattéi, in charge of the relationship with the Industrial Partners.
In the future, a student representative will be part of the Communication Committee.

Internal Quality Committee (IQC)

It is in charge of the internal evaluation. It is composed of:
  • a representative of each Full Partner;
  • one representative of the Industrial Partners;
  • the Management Officer;
  • two representatives of the current students.

Advisory Board

It is in charge of the periodic external evaluation, under the responsibility of the project leader. It is composed of:
  • one external representative of a recognized international acoustic training;
  • one member of the Associated Partners;
  • two members of an Industrial Partner;
  • one member of the T.I.M.E. network;
  • two alumni.