The program WAVES relies on a large network of Associated Partners (Universities or Higher-Education Institutions) and Industrial Partners (from start-ups to multinational corporations) that accepted to be involved on several aspects of the program:

  • Recruitment: advertising and promotion of the Master WAVES, local representation in order to advice local undergraduate students, assistance in the evaluation of applications coming from their geographic area.
  • Pedagogical content: participation as invited Scholars or Lecturers during the semesters and the Summer School, promotion of the latest developments in Acoustics related to recent research and innovation, strengthening of the core program with complementary aspects, proposal of practical projects, supervision of internships.
  • Quality Assurance: evaluation of the initial objectives of the WAVES program, proposal of updates of the program, continuous improvement for staff, involvement in actions to achieve sustainability of the program.
  • Networking: facilitate the involvement of students within the international acoustical community, early-stage exchanges during the semesters, the Summer School and the internship, participation to the Alumni and the students forum, stimulation of entrepreneur education and training, prospection of further associated and/or partners.

Associated Partners

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Laboratory of Wave Engineering

Contact: Romain Fleury